China Company Registration Services for WFOE, Rep Offices, Joint Ventures, Local, and Parent/Offshore Companies, including Hong Kong, Singapore, BVI, Seychelles.

In China, if you are setting up your company it could be one of the following structures:

 – Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise or WFOE is a is a limited liability company wholly owned by the foreign investor in China. As more and more investors are turning to China for various purposes, you can be assured that our team can competently handle all your work for you.

Representative Office
 – As you are probably well aware, representative offices establish market contacts and conduct research for its headquarters. In China, our experts can help you out in this very aspect.

Unless you have an insider’s knowledge of how things work in China, it’s an uphill process to establish a company. Despite the fact the world has become smaller and globalization is the order of the day, unless you know the language reasonably well – and perhaps even if you do, it can be very difficult to set up your operations in China.

Leave all these hassles to our team of experts so that you can concentrate on your core capabilities. Work at making your company a success and we will make it succeed for you.

Joint Venture – If you are partnering with a Chinese counterpart to set up your business in China, then our experts will be on hand to help you perform due diligence and credit check on them. This is an important aspect as it can affect all your future dealings with your partners.