US Expat Tax in Japan

Filing US Tax Returns for American Expats in Japan

US Citizens and Green Card holders are responsible for tax filing and taxes owed on worldwide income regardless of their country of residence. In many cases due to tax treaties, allowable deductions and the exclusion amount ($91,500 for the 2010), the tax owed may be reduced or be zero. However, regardless of the tax position, it is still necessary to file a return.

Our approach to our US expat sax services is focusing on the ability to minimize tax and maximize value depending on an ability to implement a forward-looking tax strategy for US Expats.

At Asia Advisors, we focus on driving value. With deep experience, we deliver ideas and answers for US expats on a global scale.

We invest heavily in the research of US expat taxes and development of innovative tax solutions. We systematically share best practices and industry knowledge to ensure that our ideas fit your situation.

Our thoughts do not stay on the drawing board. We look for ideas that have impact and get them to our clients fast. The strength of our worldwide force of tax professionals is not just in numbers, but in its world-class experience at implementing tax solutions for US expats in Japan.

The knowledge capital accumulated among our professionals is a significant asset to you.

Professional Services of Asia Advisors has already done the work to ensure fast, dependable, low-risk results. With highly trained and experienced bilingual CPA and CTA(Certified Tax Accountant) and flexible best practices for operational efficiencies, we’re ready to serve you with well-defined plans and services.

Strategic Tax Advice
Experienced CPA or CTA work closely with you to plan every aspect of your tax saving. Our outsourcing team works to suggest the most advantageous way to minimize your tax while configuring all the necessary.

Tax Support Desk
Our professionals have extensive experience in collaboration with organizations of all size. You can always contact them through our support desk. These consultants can advise on any number of issues, from legal matters to troubles on the day-to-day operations.

Minimizing Your Burden
Asia Advisors keeps in mind minimizing a burden unavoicably beared by you. In a workflow between you and us, it’s only packaging your source documents that we ask you to do. Afterwards, a free delivery service that picks your package and our internal process will take care of everything.