Japan Company Setup

Japanese Company Registration & Incorporation

Setting up a company in Japan is not rocket science, but it can certainly feel that way! Those attempting to establish a new business on their own usually find the process overwhelming and very draining on time and resources. Navigating the maze of procedures and requirements without proper advice and assistance can take several months. You may also run the risk of not setting up the business properly, which can lead to problems and additional costs down the road.

Asia Advisors’s company establishment experts will reduce the business establishment process to the shortest possible time while ensuring your Japanese Branch Office, Kabushiki Kaisha (KK), LLC, or LLP is set up properly and in full compliance with local requirements. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will also provide you helpful advice and explanations along the way.

With recent changes to the Japanese corporate laws, there are new structures available and we can help you choose the right type of structure for your business. With our competitive rates, and experienced team, outsourcing the business setup process to Asia Advisors will save you time and money.

Kabushiki Kaisha (KK) Company Setup

The Kabushiki Kaisha (or KK) is the benchmark for businesses in Japan. It projects a sense of confidence and commitment to the Japanese marketplace and tends to be looked upon favourably by lenders, investors, landlords and clients. Legally a KK is defined as a joint-stock limited liability corporation and share certificates are issued.

Establishing a KK requires a local Representative Director and office address. The KK is a suitable structure for local businesses or subsidiaries of overseas firms. With recent changes to the Corporation Act, it is now possible to establish a KK with as little as 1 yen in registered capital.

SoliAsia Advisors can help establish your KK in a short amount of time at a very reasonable cost. Contact us today to find out if KK is the right structure for your business.

Asia Advisors can help establish your KK in a short amount of time at a very reasonable cost. Contact us today to find out if KK is the right structure for your business.

Godo Kaisha (LLC) Company Setup

The Godo Kaisha (or Godo Gaisha) is a limited liability company. It is like the junior sibling to the KK. No share certificates are issued in the case of an LLC, though it is possible to upgrade to a KK at a later time and issue shares. The LLC can be set up with as little as 1 yen in capital, and you must have a local Representative in Japan. The relatively low set-up costs make the LLC a popular option for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Contact Asia Advisors today to find out if the Godo Kaisha is the right structure for your business in Japan.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Company Setup

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is an option for certain types of businesses. This is not an official corporation, but the partnership agreement between two or more partners is registered with the Legal Affairs Bureau. The LLP is not taxed at the corporate level, but profits flow through to the partners, so taxation occurs at the personal level.

To find out more about the LLP, contact Asia Advisors today for a free consultation.

Japanese Business Licenses

Certain types of businesses in Japan, including recruitment/staffing agencies, telcos, tourism operators, hotels, bars/restaurants, esthetic salons, and others,  require special government-issued licenses or permits in order to operate. Asia Advisors can help your business obtain the proper operating license in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible.

Contact us today for assistance with all your business licensing needs.

Japan Branch Office Company Setup

Foreign enterprises entering the Japanese market can establish Branch offices rather than creating separate entities. This may be a desirable solution for certain types of overseas companies.

The Branch, while registered with the Legal Affairs Bureau, is legally an extension of the head office overseas. Branch offices require a local Representative Director in Japan and their Japanese sourced income is fully taxable in Japan.

To find out if the Branch is suitable for your Japanese subsidiary, please contact Asia Advisors today.

Japan Company Registered Address Service

When setting up your company in Japan, you will be required to register the company at a physical business address. This can be difficult for foreign firms entering the Japanese market who have not yet secured a lease. Asia Advisors can provide you with a temporary address until you have found your future office.

Contact us today to find out more about our Japan registered address service.