Japan Recruitment & HR Services

Japan Executive Search & Recruitment

Do you need help finding qualified bilingual or Japanese staff? Asia Advisors’s recruitment partners have the reach and expertise to help you find the best talent available. We are pleased to assist with all types of full-time, part-time or contract staff placements.

We can also advise International clients on setting up appropriate Japanese HR policies, compensation plans, employment agreements, company handbooks, and payroll and benefit systems. Whatever your recruitment or HR needs, contact us today to see how we can help.

Staff Expenses Management

Managing your staff expense accounts and reimbursements requires instituting clear policies and procedures. Guidelines for acceptable expenses should be drawn up with Japanese GAAP and tax rules in mind. Asia Advisors can help you institute an expense reimbursement policy and procedures that are clean, efficient, and appropriate for Japan. We can also recommend strict controls and sign-off procedures for authorizing employee expense reimbursements. Let Asia Advisors help you get your Japan expenses in order.

Visa & Immigration Services

A valid visa or work permit is required for all non-Japanese nationals to live in or carry out business in Japan. There are many types and classes of visas and work permits, and it is essential that you apply for the right type of visa, or your application could be rejected. Different visas require the submission of different types of documentation, and even similar applications often require additional supporting documentation depending on the particular circumstances of the case. This is one area where you will want to make sure you get proper advice from an expert. Many visa firms are mere processors of applications, while Asia Advisors’s visa experts work closely with clients to understand their personal and future goals and ensure they apply for the right type of visa.

Whether you are an individual applying for your own visa or permanent residency, or a company requiring work permits for your foreign staff, Asia Advisors’s bilingual visa specialists can help you. Why not call us today for an initial interview. All inquiries are handled in strictest confidence.

Payroll Administration

Asia Advisors provides expert outsourced payroll administration services for foreign businesses in Japan. We handle everything from monthly payroll calculations (salaries are paid monthly in Japan), employee benefit administration, pay slip preparation, expense reimbursements, social insurance, and payroll tax procedures. We can even deposit your staff salaries to their bank accounts on payday via secure online banking. To find out more about our payroll services, give us a call today.

Japan Personal Tax

For most company employees in Japan, filing a personal income tax return is not necessary, as the process is handled through a payroll adjustment at year-end. However, certain types of individuals such as high income earners, certain business owners and investors, those with multiple income streams, and those hoping to claim certain types of tax benefits may be required to file a personal income tax return, which is generally due by March 15th. Foreign nationals who have resided in Japan for more than 5 years within the last 10 year period are considered “Permanent Residents” for Japanese income tax reporting purposes and must declare their global income from all sources. If you need help with a personal tax filing, or would like to book a personal tax consultation, please contact us today.