Japan Tax & Accounting Services

Japanese Accounting Outsourcing & Bookkeeping

Like most, your organization is looking for new innovative approaches for reducing costs and optimizing your internal processes. Many are turning to our solutions to help their organizations become wiser about how they manage accounting, control costs and achieve profitability. Asia Advisors provides the one-stop services that give you the power and control.

Asia Advisors specializes in a full range of Japanese accounting services for foreign companies and individuals. No matter the size of your firm, we have an accounting service package that’s right for you – and at a reasonable price.

Our bilingual CPA staff have Big-4 experience and expertise in Japanese and international accounting standards and we can offer in-house or fully outsourced accounting options. We will help you gain control of your company’s finances and ensure compliance with local regulations. We handle a wide range of clients from various industries and countries. Outsourcing your accounting services is an effective way to reduce overall operating costs.

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Asia Advisors offers a full range of expert tax services for businesses in Japan. Our Tax Accountants are experienced in all areas of business taxation and international tax issues. In Japan there are different types of tax that relate to business. Corporate Income Tax, Consumption Tax, Local Enterprise and Inhabitant Tax, Fixed Asset Tax, and Employee Withholding Tax all require advice and planning.

We specialize in helping business managers and owners understand the tax obligations in Japan and work out effective tax planning strategies. We can handle all of your statutory filings and make sure you are in compliance with local requirements. For more information on our taxation services, please contact us today.

Japan Bookkeeping

Asia Advisors offers complete outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services with English financial report preparation. Our outsourced accounting services can save you millions of yen on an annual basis when compared with hiring your own in-house accountant. Our expert accountants are fully trained in Japanese GAAP. We handle all sizes of clients, from new start-ups, right up to subsidiaries of major overseas companies. We can work according to your accounting schedule needs and can prepare your corporate books on either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. You also get expert independent oversight of your business. Outsourcing your accounting work to Asia Advisors will save you time and money.

Japan Payroll Services

Asia Advisors provides expert outsourced payroll administration services for foreign businesses in Japan. We handle everything from monthly payroll calculations (salaries are paid monthly in Japan), employee benefit administration, pay slip preparation, expense reimbursements, administration of statutory deductions. We can even deposit your staff salaries to their bank accounts on payday via secure online banking. To find out more about our payroll services, give us a call today.